Since 2000, CuraDebt has been helping customers with debt relief. It has an excellent rating with business rating services, is accredited with the AFCC and has few online complaints. While it is a solid company with a clean history, it offers standard debt reduction results and charges typical fees, so it doesn't necessarily stand out amongst its competitors. It also has a very basic website that provides few answers, which means you have to go out of your way to find simple basic information, which can be inconvenient, especially when compared to other debt settlement services that willingly offer important information.

You can qualify for debt settlement with CuraDebt if you have at least $7,500 in qualified debt, which includes credit cards, unsecured personal loans and collections among other debts. On average, this service saves its clients between 30% and 50% on their debt after fees. The fees are on average around 20% of your total debt, which you pay as the service comes to agreements with each of your creditors.

The typical period for a settlement program is between 24 and 48 months. During that time, your personal, IAPDA-certified arbitrator negotiates with your credits and you put money into a trust fund, which is FDIC insured and managed by Global Client Solutions. Once a settlement is reached with a creditor, you pay CuraDebt a percent of the total debt and the settled amount to your creditor. Keep in mind your creditors are under no obligation to settle with this service, but you do not owe anything to CuraDebt unless they reach a settlement.

CuraDebt's website is extremely basic and does not offer much in the way of answers about the service. You can receive a free estimate and consultation by filling out a form online or by calling the toll free number, and there is a brief explanation of debt settlement online along with a privacy policy.

There is no FAQs page, so you need to contact customer service if you cannot find your answer on the website. You can use the online live chat, which is a handy feature, and we had a positive experience with a knowledgeable representative when we used the live chat. You can also call and email customer service.

CuraDebt Summary:

CuraDebt's numbers and figures are average for the industry, but not as good as some of the best services on our lineup. The website is less than impressive and can be confusing. However, its customer service is very helpful and it has a long and solid history with very few negative reviews, which says a lot about the quality of service you receive when you choose to settle your debt with CuraDebt.



CuraDebt is a member of several watchdog organizations that keep the industry honest.

It takes some digging to get information regarding exactly how much CuraDebt takes as the fee for its service.

The Verdict:

The improvements CuraDebt has made over the past few years make the service really shine.